Norway you'll find a better deal

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So for customers looking to get the best deal, it's worth going online and checking out the comparison sites which allow them to see exactly what is on offer when it comes to shipping to Norway.

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Oslo In Norway

Oslo is one of those European capitals that is just far enough away that it may take you a while to visit it. Far away from what? ...Well from the capitals popular with tour groups and tourists. As far as Nordic capitals, go Stockholm and Copenhagen are bigger, but you see, Norway's capital called to me because Grampa was from Norway.

The Oslofjorden gives the city a beautiful backdrop. It is a pretty city. Yes, it's an expensive city... it's probably the most expensive of the Nordic capitals, but that doesn't mean you should leave it off your travel wish list. Stroll beside the fjord, then get out on it, and you'll soon think it's worth the splurge.

See the Akershus Slott... This castle complex overlooking the Olsofjorden is an important and beloved symbol of medieval Oslo. It was originally built in 1300 as a fortress and royal residence. After a fire, it was rebuilt in 1527 as a royal Renaissance palace. It's not the King's residence now, but it is still used for state occasions. Tours are available in many languages including English.

For a look at where the current King and Queen live, visit Det Norske Kongehus. This palace is open to visitors only on occasion, and tickets must be purchased in advance. Stroll the Slottsparken, the castle park, and take in the afternoon changing of the guard. When the King is in residence, the Royal Guard band adds music to the pageant. A stroll in the park won't cost you anything.

Nestled among university buildings is the National Gallery. There is Norwegian and European art here, but what everyone wants to see is "The Scream" by Edvard Munch. See the Radhuset, the City Hall, for more paintings and sculptures.

Take the T-Bane (the Metro) or a tram to Vigelandsparken, the sculpture park which contains the life's work of Norway's revered sculptor Gustav Vigeland. It's in Frogner Park which is beautiful all by itself.

Explore more of Norway's Viking history by taking a ferry to Bygdoy Island. You can see the Vikingskiphuset, The Viking Ship Museum. It contains three of the best preserved Viking ships. They were burial ships which were excavated from the Oslofjorden, and they are now exhibited in a specially built hall.

In a building nearby see the "Kon-Tiki", the balsa raft that Thor Heyerdahl sailed on. For more sea-faring history see the "Fram", the polar vessel that was used by the famed polar explorer Amundsen. The ship ventured father nroth and south an any other ship before it.

Also on Bygdoy is the Norsk Folkemuseum - The Norwegian Folk Museum. It's an open air museum with buildings moved here from all over Norway. Some are old wooden buildings from medieval times. There is even an old Stave Church.

This far north, you'll have the most sunlight for exploring in the summer when the day almost never ends. Walk and take public transportation to save money. By your beer at a grocery store and picnic in one of those great parks. Check out the Oslo Pass. A pass for 24, 48 or 72 hours covers your admission to museums and public transportation. You can get the pass at tourists offices, at City Hall, the Central Station, or the cruise ship terminal.

Strike out like the Vikings did and explore... I have a feeling Oslo will conquer your heart.

The Norway rat and Tips to Control them

Not long ago a neighbor of mine called in the middle of the night screaming that she had witnessed at least 6 huge rats climbing from a hole next to her pool equipment and scurrying along the fence. "Yikes", she says "what am I to do". The next day I walked over a few rat bait stations and some rat traps for around the pool equipment. After about 2 days I received another call, "there is a dead rat floating in my pool, what I should do?" I said scoop it out and get it in a trash bag to dispose of the body. What she had was a large amount of Norway rats burrowing underground and living the high life. Enjoying evenings of cat food and bird food, the rats were having a ball.

It has been called the Brown rat, ship rat, wharf rat, sewer rat, gray rat, barn rat, burrowing rat, water rat, common rat, house rat, migratory rat, and the wander-rat. With so many aliases' it is not wonder homeowners and professional have such a difficult time trapping the rat.

The Norway rat originally evolved in Central Asia, but reached Europe in the 1700's, the United States later that century and now it is found throughout the world, we are all so lucky. It used to be considered is a rodent of cooler climates, but now also infests many tropical environments as well, primarily in the seaport areas.

The Norway rat is commonly sold as a pet rat, although it would not be my pet choice and has been bred for white coloration as "lab rats" as well, leading to the occurrence of white and brown marked races. The Norway rat is primarily a ground dweller, although it can climb very well, and prefers to reside in burrows. It swims very well and often lives in sewers and other underground water systems. Rats are primarily a nocturnal animal, and will restrict its range of movement only to that which is needed to find food and water. They typically travel the same exact route out of their homes every night.

Norway Rats are omnivores and opportunistic feeders, feeding on any natural or human foods available. They are neophobic and may avoid new objects placed in their environment for some time, so it is necessary to remember that when you are placing a bait station, snap trap or glue boards in their path.

A normal life expectancy for them is one year or less, although when cared for they may live several years. The gestation period of the female is 22 days, litters average 8 to 9 pups, and she may have several litters in her one year.

They can cause large amounts of damage from gnawing as they chew on pipes of plastic or metal, wires, wood, or furnishings and walls, and commonly bite humans.

The adult Norway rats are large and robust, being up to 16 inches from nose to tip of tail. Their tail length is shorter than their body length, and it is scaly and almost without hairs, this is different than that of the roof rat which has a tail that is as long as it's entire body. Colors range from white to brown to mottled, or blackish gray, reddish brown, and other variations. In relation to its head it has a blunt nose, small eyes, and small ears.

There are some things that can help in your attempts at rat control. Modifying its habitat by eliminating harborage sites can be very effective, along with proper building maintenance to exclude their entry. You will want to elimination any available interior and exterior food and water. The use of traps and baiting are highly effective for home pest control. The shyness these rats exhibit toward new objects can affect the response to bait boxes and traps so you should expect them not to go inside the bait stations or traps for a few days. Glue trays may not be highly effective due to the strength of this species, and its ability to pull free from the glue. Like the other domestic rodents they prefer to remain against vertical surfaces, in contact with their "guard hairs" on their body, and control measures should be placed against these pathways. So proper placement of rat bait stations or rat traps is important in you rat trapping endeavors.

Havaianas Norway

Smell the ocean breeze! Walk along the Norway’s wide coastline that faces the Atlantic Ocean and Barrents Sea, and discover the home of the famous fjords. The Fjords are ancient glacier deposits that lie along the country’s coastline and the main panoramic attraction of the country. It is excellent to view this natural wonder of the Fjord country with the comfort of your Havaianas while staring up to the beautiful lights of the Aurora Borealis during the summer. Havaianas Norway is here to conquer the hearts of Thor’s people.

The Old Norse used to call one of the richest countries in the world Noregr which is quite similar to a Sami word that means “along the coast.” And what better way to stroll along the coastline than be on Havaianas flip flops. Wander around Southern Norway which houses the city of Oslo with your Havaianas versatile sandals, let your kids wear baby flip-flops while enjoying the commercial background amidst the natural settings. Walk around the tall columns of the famous Cathedral of Nidarosdomen in Trondheim, historical museums and theatres with your havaianas elegant shoes.

A culture rich in literature, Norwegian Romanticism will take you to the world of middle class life in the 19th century. Writers like Henrik Ibsen wrote stories that cause uproars. It is a mark Havainas’ shares with the sensation it produced since its creation.

Norway’s superiority in the oil industry at Stavenger equals Havaianas Norway’s superiority in providing the comfort and quality you are looking for. With the large variety of colours and styles, you can tour Norway in style.

Don't say ‘no way' when it comes to doing business in Norway

There's no need to expect an icy reception when looking to send a parcel to Norway, because the world's best-known parcel delivery companies are equipped to get it there. Occupying a long coastal strip on the northern and western coast of Scandinavia, Norway has resisted efforts through the centuries by neighbouring Sweden to invade and take it over to reach the 21st century as a thriving nation, rich in natural resources, and whose people enjoy a high standard of living.

Whether a parcel needs to reach Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, or anywhere on the country's near-150,000 square miles land area, worldwide couriers have the resources and know-how to do the job in good time. With much of Norway's oil and gas-producing capacity controlled by the government, the country's fortunes are closely linked to the prices of these commodities. Nevertheless, the importance of these resources to the country is well illustrated by the fact that, although it is the 67th largest country in the world, its annual income makes it the fifth richest. Norway produces 15 per cent of the natural gas consumed annually worldwide.

Apart from oil and gas, shipbuilding, food processing, metals and chemicals manufacture and processing, mining and timber are other key industries. Imports to Norway mainly comprise machinery, metals, chemicals, ships – and fish. The balance of trade between the country and the UK is heavily weighted in Norway's favour, with 24 per cent of its exports heading to the UK, and the Scandinavian country receiving six per cent of its imports from British sources. The country's two main ports, Oslo and Bergen, are both in the south of the country. The latter, the larger of the two, is also one of Europe's biggest ports, and is the base for much of the helicopter fleet which services the offshore oil and gas fields.

Oslo is served by Gardermoen Airport, the second busiest in Scandinavia, which is 22 miles north of the capital. It replaced the capital's old airport in 1998, and has its own dedicated freight terminal. Norwegians have twice voted in referenda not to join the European Union, but as the country is part of the wider European Economic Area, in practice there are minimal barriers to doing business between EU members and Norway.

Much expertise to help keep the country's oil and gas fields running smoothly comes from outside the country, and as these people work in some of the harshest environments on Earth, they greatly appreciate contact with the outside world, and especially parcels sent from family and friends.

With long-established links between the UK and Norway, international couriers are well used to battling through the sometimes harsh weather to deliver consignments – and they are ready to do so whenever they get the call.

Getting the best resources available to help send a parcel to Norway is easily done online. Leading international delivery companies are waiting to rise to the task.

Book Cruise Holidays To Norway As Couples Get Special Discounts!

Cruise holidays to the Mediterranean or the Caribbean have become so popular that most of the liners destined for such locations are either over-crowded or over-priced. Therefore, it is time for you to discover fresh locations, and indulge in some romantic sightseeing! Norway, for example, is a great getaway, especially if you have a romantic cruise holiday in mind. Recently, a number of vacation-liner agencies have announced special discounts for couples.

Norway, or all of Scandinavia for that matter, can be a perfect romantic destination, especially for people who love reveling in nature's beauty.

So what are the aspects of a Norwegian cruise holiday that should convince you of investing time and money in planning one in the near future? Come let's find out:

Fjords – Fjords, or narrow inlets of water caused due to glacier activity, are the main attraction of Norwegian coastlines. The scenic beauty of these, especially with mountainous sides rising up from both sides of the water body, is majestic. Western Norway has an abundance of these, including Naeroyfjord and Geirangerfjord. This makes the region a cruise holiday hotspot even during the off-season. Four other regions are also worth mentioning - Sogn & Fjordane, Hordaland, More & Romsdal, and Rogaland.

Oslo – The capital city of Norway is an amalgamation of modern innovations and Viking-era architecture. One can easily feel the pulse of the nature close by while enjoying in state-of-the-art amusement parks in TusenFryd.

Cultural Heritage – Vikings and their valor have always inspired respect and interest from people of rest of the world. Norway has kept this historical culture alive in various ways.

Aurora Borealis – If you are on a cruise holiday to this Scandinavian country, chances are high that you will get to watch this amazing natural spectacle, commonly called 'Northern Lights'. The unearthly shimmer and glow of the Aurora Borealis will make the cruise holiday more memorable!

A great vacation trip on a liner does not necessarily mean having fun only on the ship itself. It does include a thorough exploration of the destinations, especially for those who love the taste of adventure.

You can easily locate the best prices for a cruise holidays to Norway, without help from shrewd travel agents. Online portals like '' have made it really easy for people like you to book trips to exotic travel destinations sitting right at home.

The Famous Norway

Author: JohnCristo

Norway is a peaceful country having an excellent lifestyle. According to the latest report about the GDP of Norway that was issued on Wednesday 23/8/2011- Norway's economic growth accelerated more than expected in the second quarter.

Tourism is one of the main industries in Norway. Every year it welcomes approximately 7 million tourists. Funicula, Bryggen i Bergen Kristiansand dyrepark Tusenfryd Fredrikstad festning/Gamlebyen Vikingskipshuset are amongst the best attractions of Norway. In fact Norwegian tourist Board, the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund (SND), the Government Consultative Office for Inventors (SVO) and Norwegian Trade Council, have joined forces in a new company named Innovation Norway to promote Norway as a tourist destination.

So don't put aside your visit to this ideal destination. Revitalize and replenish your life in this naturally beautiful country. While you visit Norway everything here, from pleasant weather to Norwegian service and hospitality industry will appeal to you. Being one of the Scandinavian countries, people here are amazing to be with.

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